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The Good Conduct Medal is one of the oldest military awards of the United States Armed Forces. The criteria for a Good Conduct Medal are defined by Executive Orders 8809, 9323, and 10444.

Navy's variant of the Good Conduct Medal was established in 1869, the Marine Corps version in 1896, the Coast Guard version in 1923, the Army version in 1941, and the Air Force version in 1963; the Air Force Good Conduct Medal was temporarily discontinued from February 2006 to February 2009, followed by its subsequent reinstatement.

The various services have established separate Reserve Good Conduct Medals, albeit under various names, as a comparable award available to enlisted Reserve and National Guard members who satisfactorily perform annual training, drill duty and any additional active duty of less than 3 consecutive years duration.

The exception, as previously stated, is the Navy Reserve which discontinued the award as of 1 January 2014. The medal was issued with a red, white and blue material suspension ribbon without a suspension pin.

Be cautious of anyone who tries to tell you that your reserve unit is or isn’t deploying.

As a reservist you will be a Marine, but you are going to live your life more like a civilian then a Marine.

You will serve at least one weekend per month and two weeks during the summer.

This annual two week training can come at any point during the year, but the summer is a common time but not guaranteed.

You both will graduate from the same boot camp and then it is off to your infantry training and for some you’ll head off to your MOS school soon after.

After this the two paths take very different turns.

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