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The sham battles were put on at the urging of a non-Indian fraternal group known as the Improved Order of Red Men.

The sham battles were, of course, always won by the dominant non-Indians (or, presumably, the more civilized Indian tribe).

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The tourists had an interest in Pueblo pottery, but since there were only men in the delegation, they could not demonstrate traditional Pueblo crafts such as pottery-making. Among the notable Indian leaders at the Indian Congress was the seventy-year-old White-Man, a Kiowa Apache hereditary chief.

While most of the Indians were from Plains tribes which utilized the tipi, the Indian Congress did include Indians from other areas and other forms of Indian architecture were exhibited.

The Wichita, for example, constructed a grass house.

Visitors were encouraged to wander through the encampment and see how Indians lived. Government officials realized that the general public had little interest in educated Indians: the public wanted to see “wild” Indians with elements from traditional life including tipis, foot races, games, and so on.

A total of 545 Indians were selected from 35 tribes for the encampment: preference was given to “full-bloods” and those who had traditional outfits. The participants in the Indian Congress, therefore, put on ceremonials, war dances, and sham battles for the general public.

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