8 mintue dating

I have not had any problems with cancelling my dates ,we always plan something else later on..its not being inconsiderate,,its being very considerate...

Gee (his name) I'd love to make plans to do that with you; but I'm concerned that you might decide last minute to cancel on me like you did the last time.

When you meet the right guy you won't have all of these questions and concerns, it will just feel right. If it's meant to be he'll come back for you, if not hold your head up high and move on without all the drama, after all it's only been a week. Talk to him casually if he calls, act like it wasnt a big deal and let it go but don't initiate any more solid plans with him.

There are two types of relationships: the kind people MAKE work, and the kind that are meant to be. Look at him as a casual aquaintance and absolutely get back on the market - you did say he's changed a little lately so now you change a little too. If you can't talk to him or be around him without wanting more, than cut him off completely, as you're well being is most important.

I'm sure there are lots of other guys out there who would be so "into you" that they would never think of doing something like that. really - loosen up sweety- let him go on his trip - okay he cancelled plans - but really - a week of what?

Being a couple or just dating -Firefighter is right- its a mole hill - this early in the relationship-I agree.

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Between last thread and this it seems more and more likely that he's not really the one to keep your energy involved in.

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